Company Name INNO-TIMS(INNO-TIMS Co., Ltd)
Headquarters 21 Century City 912 (55-1 Daeyeon-dong), Suyeong-ro 312, Nam-gu, Busan, Rep. of Korea

Office Pohang Office : Emmanuel Building 304, 23beon-gil 27, Mundeok-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang, Rep. of Korea

Daegu Office : 2nd Floor, Chimsan-ro 271, Buk-gu, Daegu, Rep. of Korea

Ulsan Office : Ulsan Science and Technology Promotion Center 103-2 (Digital Management), Maegoksaneop-ro 21, Buk-gu, Ulsan , Rep. of Korea

Phone +82-50-5555-1220
Fax +82-50-5555-1770
Founded on August 3, 2007


2013 Program Registration
- INNO-TIMS DPS Design Control System
- INNO-TIMS MIS Management Information System
2012 - Registered as a social enterprise and a specialized consulting institution
- Selected as a supporting company for the export competitiveness enhancement project
- Registers the competitive bidding eligibility (Public Procurement Service)
2011 - Registered in the Korea Management Consulting Company Association as a consulting service provider
- Obtains the venture company confirmation
- Acquires the IMS certification
- Program Registration

Based receipt and payment control
2010 - Establishes a technology research center
- TIPA: Registered as a supporting institution for information support projects
- Program Registration

INNO-TIMS Project Control
2009 - Korean Management Consultant Association: Registered as a management innovation-1 consulting provider
- Small and Medium Business Corporation: Registered as a corporate analysis consulting provider
- Small and Medium Business Administration: Registered as a business partner company
- Korea Consultancy Industry Association: Registered as a management innovation-2 consulting provider
- Program Registration

2008-2007 - INNO-TIMS Co., Ltd. is founded
- Registered in the KMTCA as a regular consulting service provider for general subjects
- Registered in the Small and Medium Business Corporation as a consulting service provider for productivity enhancement